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The Daughter, The Writer (& a little bit of a reviewer)

Between recently graduating with a Bachelor's in Science & waiting for her Master's program to begin, Sara finds herself helping her mother build a website for her small business & starting a blog.


The talking in third perspective is really just a "hook" to capture readers attention. Don't worry, I'm not that self-obsessed to be writing about myself in a third point of view. Originally, I chose the "add a blog" option to this website for 2 reasons: (1) aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and (2) promote/review any product listed for sale. As simple as that. I stated in the previous post that I am somewhat picky when it comes to food. So is everyone in the family. Thought I'd write a few words about all the samples I've had to try this week when all the products arrive today.

That was really the plan.Until I noticed that Wix offers several ways to earn a little cash through blogging. No definitive plans just an idea until I think about what I really can offer for an audience who would even be interested in ramblings of some 20 (ish...) year old. Anyways -

Back to the original blog idea for the day - Food review: TCB Bubble Rice in the flavor of Choco Latte with Milo toppings! (cue image below before I devoured it in a day)

The Crunchy Boom is a fitting name indeed. It is fitting enough for a crunchy bubble rice that you can never get tired of especially topped with milo toppings, roasted almonds, and finished it with a hint of coffee latte. With every shipment, we always take one as a sample. But this time, I had to make a change for the store's inventory & took 2 because the first sample was too good and the second time I took it was because, well, because I got addicted. And as I am writing this, I am tempted to grab another jar. Remember when I mentioned my whole family can be picky? Well, this jar owns and wins everyone's heart & tastebuds. Local delights are truly amazing.


Sara H.

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